Saturday, December 22, 2007

After-Christmas Sales

Les soldes, the big semi-annual store-wide sales in France, don't begin until January. But according to Le Figaro, the real bargains begin Christmas Eve at midnight as French people in droves -- a whopping 36% -- hit the cyber-marché to re-sell their just-opened Christmas presents on the web. We're not talking re-gifting, but outright selling the item, fresh in its packaging, on eBay or PriceMinister.

It's a growing trend, says the PriceMinister marketing guy, up 6% last year and expected to increase steadily. Most folks are doing the re-sell on the sly, as only 14% admit telling the gift-giver that the cadeau missed the mark.

The biggest turnover in presents?

Gifts from in-laws and parents.

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