Saturday, December 15, 2007

Coming to Paris

Here's my Sunday schedule for tomorrow:

6h30 -- Harry arrives at CDG; meet him at Arc de Triomphe Air France stop at 8h00; travel back to apartment.
10h -- Bee arrives at CDG; meet her at Arc de Triomphe Air France car stop at noonish while Harry naps.
12h00 -- Harry's college pals arrive at CDG. Have them take a taxi to the apartment.
I check the flight status here.
I'm so thrilled to have my kids and their friends in Paris for Christmas break. Although we just saw each other in the US for Thanksgiving, it's fun to have them here soaking up the delights of Paris for a spell.

We've been visiting France for a long time en famille. This is what Miss Bee wrote (love that list-making!) when she and I planned our mother/daughter trip to Paris eleven years ago.
I wonder if her list will change in 2007.
Oh, yeah -- bed time.

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