Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is it Live or is it Jean-Luc Delarue?

By now you've all heard the high-flying scandal about popular French TV talk-show host Jean-Luc Delarue. The man who takes Fear of Flying to the extreme. Last month he apparently popped a gasket on board an Air France flight after mixing pills and alcohol to "calm his nerves" before flying. And while flying. Result: he fondled a fellow passenger, attacked some flight staff... the usual in-flight no-nos. Had to be strapped into his seat for the rest of the flight.

All of France was tittering about it for weeks.

Now a fake "cell phone" video, a parody of the bizarre bagarre, created by the weekly mag Choc, is all the buzz.


The tag line: "If it were real, it would be in Choc."

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