Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Bloggiversary to Moi

May 2006. I'd been in Paris for two months, writing up almost daily accounts of funny/exciting/extraordinary happenings, and emailing the stories to my friends and family.

At dinner one evening my friend Ariane said politely, "You ought to write a blog."

"Oh, gawd, I wouldn't know how to start a blog if it hit me over the head," was my brilliant technologically-challenged answer. I was handy enough with a computer, a master at googling, for example; but for cripe's sake, I still didn't know how to work my digital camera.

"Well, if you did have a blog, what would you name it?" sly girl asked.

"Polly-Vous Francais, of course," I answered without missing a beat. It had been my lifelong mantra.

The next morning I had an email from Ariane. "Dinner was fun. Oh, and Polly-Vous Francais is up and running. Here's your password. Start posting."


Thus it began. Here's the first post. And here's to many more! And thank you to all you lovely readers -- you are so much more than just little red dots in the map.

Last but not least, in honor of President Obama's preference for dijon mustard, here's my tale of being a lifelong mustard aficionado. "Looking back, I think this culinary discovery weighed heavily in my becoming such an ardent Francophile. Any country that truly understood and adored mustard the way I did simply had to have a permanent and central place in my life."

Hmm. Maybe he should consider me for that ambassador position.


Diary of Why said...

Happy blogiversary, Polly! And many more. :)

Isabelle said...

Joyeux anniversaire Polly-vous français!

Thanks to you, I've made some great friends in the blogosphere... and in real life :)

Chris said...

Bon Anniversaire!! Congrats!

Starman said...

Bon Blogiversaire !
Did you know I've read every post?
If we start a letter, email and Twitter campaign, maybe we could get you that ambassadorship.

Anne said...

Congrats. I so enjoy your blog

Joan said...

Ficelles de caleçon! I too am always happy when I find a new post from you.

parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Yay! It's your fabulous writing that has kept everyone coming. Here's to another year! ;)

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Merci, everyone! I wish I were a bit better at follow-ups to comments: you are all the BEST! So even when I don't rsvp in the comments section, please know that I adore you. Really. I just get distracted by non-cyber happenings.

Starman -- really? every post? wow, I am really touched. Let's go for that campaign.

Joan -- what is ficelles de calecon? Sounds naughty and fun! Thanks.

Isabelle -- thanks to you I've made some good friends, too! And eaten some mouth-watering chocolate cake...

Oh I'm just getting sappy now so will simply say another huge merci to all.

Out to celebrate, now, avec moutarde!

Harriet said...

Félicitations! I enjoy your blog. I used your link to go back and read your first post --- loved it!

I am a Charleston, SC francophile who actually did the one week immersion course in Boston where I think you said you used to work. I was probably there while you were living in Paris.

Happy Birthday to your blog. I am a regular visitor.

Virginia said...

Well my blog friend/reader Harriet put me onto your blog. I"m in the same boat sistah! I love France and your blog and will be blogging from Paris May 24 as well. Maybe we can meet. That would be fun.
Let's keep in touch.
PS I'll be celebrating 365 posts on Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo on THursday.

The Duchess said...

Happy Blog-a-versary! Your posts are always so entertaining and interesting, so keep them coming.
Your enthusiasm for all things 'français' is so contagious!

Jane said...

Felicitations! I really enjoy your blog.

Ellen said...

De-lurking to tell you how much I enjoy this blog!

Next to actually being in France, your posts are the next best thing to being there. Thanks for savoring all that is French for the rest of us.

Je me re-câche.....

Joan said...

"Ficelles de calecon" is just a jokey way of saying "felicitations". But don't mind me... let your imagination go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Bon Anniversaire, Polly-Vous Francais!Every single post is that day's best reading.

Cécile Qd9 said...

Joyeux bloggiversaire !

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