Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun with Fred’s French Toast

What’s not to love about this playful “French Toast” stamp from Fred & Friends?

I love a touch of whimsy here and there. (Er, I’m careful not to overdo it, though. The key to frivolity is in the timing.)

But just as I love Pylones in Paris, the wacky fun of Fred’s products is perfect for joie de vivre, American-style.

This would be great not only for toast or French toast, but also for grilled cheese and all those Elvis Specials that my son so dearly loves. Gotta get me one.

Un grand merci to Harriet for the info!


Isabelle said...

Polly, what are Elvis Specials?

Starman said...

Since French Toast is not really French, one wonders how they got the title. Hmmm, I'm off to Wikipedia.....

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Isabelle, An Elvis Special is a grilled peanut-butter-and banana sandwich. Some folks add honey, too. I'm not a big Elvis fan, but apparently they were his favorite. So very American!

Starman, Originally I think what we call French Toast was called Pain Perdu in French. A good way to make use of stale bread that was otherwise "lost."

Harriet said...

Polly, glad that you liked the Eiffel Tower stamp idea. The store where I purchased mine seems to have similarities to the Paris Pylones store, which I was not familiar with until reading your link.

Check it out:

Meg said...

Polly and Isabelle, some establishments down here in the South (Jawjah) also serve 'Elvis specials' with bacon inside! Peanut butter, bananas, honey and bacon fried up on a cast iron skillet. Can't you just feel your arteries clogging???

Prêt à Voyager said...

this just made my day! i've seen the virgin mary toast, but the french toast is just so appropriate. the FRED line is all by a RISD graduate :)


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