Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Polygon Street

You all know that Mark Twain "greatly exaggerated rumors" quotation so I don't have to repeat it, right?

I feel kinda Twainish meself lately.

Since letting the cat out of the bag about my leaving Paris, I've been receiving such kind, thoughtful emails and condolence letters as if Life Itself were coming to an end. "We'll miss you!" they say.

Whoa, guys, wait a sec. You can't get rid of old Polly-Vous Français quite so swiftly.

Yes, I'm leaving Paris. No, I will not stop writing Polly-Vous Français. How shall I explain you?

Polly-Vous Français (the idea, not the blog) preceded my move to Paris. Polly-Vous Français has always been my Francophile persona. It's just that shortly after I arrived in Paris I got tricked into starting a blog of that name by a wily Frenchwoman. (heh. You know who you are!)

And I have about 200 semi-completed blog posts that I haven't had the time to polish to my usual perfektion. So even though I head to Roissy this time next week, you'll have to put up with my over-inflated dontcha-love-Paris-like-I-do posts for a long time to come. And who knows -- maybe a few other thoughts might stroll into my head as well once I'm on the other side of the Pond.

My dear French friend Diane, my favorite person in the whole world (who was my role model, my mentor, my "second mother", my daughter's godmother) said to me with characteristic twinkle two weeks before she died, "Don't erase me from your address book yet."

So to paraphrase ma chère Diane, "Don't delete me from your RSS yet."


BJ Lantz said...

I am so relieved! :-)

La Framéricaine said...

Good for you! And what a lovely thought "Don't erase me from your address book yet." I don't think I will every forget that.

Why, again, are you leaving Paris?

isa said...

Not on your life! Glad to know you'll be around...

Like laframericaine before me, I also question your decision - if it is for financial reasons, now that the dollar is getting stronger, and you could give English lessons/do translation work (like so many other anglophones) if there is a need to supplement your income - why leave now?

Isabelle said...

OMG, Polly, after looking at the street sign "Rue du Polygone" several times, I just understood the joke!!!

It's true that I'm a little tired (bad excuse, I know!)

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm for my staying here, and believe me I would if I could. Nothing is simple, and everything is complicated!

(And I already bore the brunt of the euro-dollar bad exchange rate -- it pretty much coincided with my alomst three years here. I've always had a knack for bad timing...)

A few of the complicating factors are real estate, family, storage, and career.

I hope to be back in Paris en permanence some day, but right now it is time for me to (re)create a home base in the US.

I'll always have Paris in my bones now, no matter where I am.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

p.s. Isabelle glad you liked the bad pun. My stock in trade!

Joan said...

So glad I don't have to update my feeds-- thanks for the wonderful news!

Alison said...

T'inquiète !

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