Monday, November 10, 2008

Love for Sale

Love for sale? Well, it's kind of that.

I love Paris.

I'm leaving Paris. The miscellaneous accoutrements of my wonderful three years in Paris (the machines that don't have proper voltage, or items that don't transport well) are on sale. Items that I bought loving Paris, envisioning that I would live in Paris forever.

But, honestly, what is forever these days?

I've created a one-off blog for the sale event. Don't ask me to tell you much more; my vision is still blurred by tears, and I'm not being melodramatic, though lawd knows I certainly have that capacity.


Meg said...

Oh, Polly, you're breaking my heart!!! I'm so terribly sorry you're leaving. I live in Paris vicariously through you and I think this is just the saddest thing ever. And I am being melodramatic but it's all in earnest, really. Such sad finality. ***wail***

Starman said...

You know, one day, some ultra-smart entrepreneur is going to figure out that he/she can make a fortune by inventing items with a switch that can change the item from 220 to 110 (just like most computers do now).

Alison said...



Going Like Sixty said...

I am looking forward to your return stateside so you can publish photos and details of your life in Paris that you preferred to keep private at the time.

Can we look forward to Polly Vous Virginnie?

Hang in there!

Evelyn said...

This is so sad :( Please sell your great bike to a really cool person. I would love to have it, but it doesn't make much sense to ship it to Iowa, does it??

christine said...

Oh no I'm sorry. We just did this in Mexico and it was really heartbreaking to dismantle our home (we didn't want to leave--but had to) I feel your pain!

That said we are in the region Parisian now so maybe I'll buy some of your things! I know I was very relieved when some of our things went to nice people.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks for all the kind words. Right now I'm not sad but just exhausted, with a rapidly emptying flat and precious few lamps!

My things are already whisking out the door to some lovely people... Clever people who begged to 'take a peek' early.

Smart shoppers!

I've received so many heartwarming adoption offers for LouLou that I may have to set up a goldfish- adoption committee.

And I think I ought to auction the bike -- it's _very_ popular. Was it that Parisian Biker-Babe aura??

@ Sixty -- just wait for them pix. Hoo-boy!

Anna said...

Aww I hope we get the whole story soon! Good luck with the sale.

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