Sunday, November 09, 2008

Parking, Parisian Style

Outside my front door, this evening. Why am I not surprised?

Half an hour later, when I returned from errands, the car was still angled at the curb, inched over the handicapped zone. No blinking emergency lights signalling an imminent return. No indication that the owner might feel a need to change the geographic or geometric status of the car.


The car was getting a few sidewards glances from passersby, but mostly it was Parisian Parking As Usual.


Anne said...

That's a classic. Love love love the new banner. said...

Gotta be a story behind this!

I love your new header too!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Usually Smart cars can manage a maneuver like this.

I think the story was that it was Sunday evening and the driver figured the meter maids were all at home. At least the car wasn't on TOP of the sidewalk, which also happens. And it's a pretty narrow street, just enough space for a car to get by when both sides have parked parallelly.

And thanks -- I like the new banner too; designing it was a perfect way to spend a jet-lagged day when I should have been packing up the apt (ugh).

dreamweaver said...

I love reading your's always interesting.

Just wanted you to know you've been tagged...



Starman said...

The good news - we've just reserved our Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe. The bad news - it will be 12 to 14 months before we get it!

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