Sunday, September 23, 2007

See Jacques Grow

Already blessed with many dimensions, French men are gaining in height and shape, too, according to a recent study.

Just the facts, ma'am:

Average height: 69.1 inches
Average weight: 170.3 pounds
Chest circumference: 40.2 inches
Shoe size: 8-81/2

In the past 30 years, the average height of a French man has increased 2.2 inches, and he's gained 11.8 pounds.

The study, conducted by the Institut francais du textile et de l'habillement, places French men's height in 4 categories.

Short (up to 5'5") 19.5%
Medium (up to 5'8") 41.5%
Tall (up to 5'11") 30.8%
Very tall (up to 6'3") 8.2%

Source: Le Figaro Magazine.

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