Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alibis 'R' Us?

A US friend just emailed me a news article about a new French company that for a fee, will create an alibi for a spouse who is involved in an extramarital fling. Phone calls, fake receipts, and the like. All the usual cover-ups. Ibila (Alibi in reverse) offers it all.

"Leave it to the French!" crowed my pal, the implication being that the French are the most in need of such a service.

Clearly he hasn't read Lust in Translation, Paris author Pamela Druckerman's fabulous and, fundamentally, witty book which investigates infidelity around the world. Druckerman, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, did her research. According to her findings, French and American rates of marital straying are about equal. Americans just worry about it more.

So, perhaps what my friend meant was "Leave it to the French" to be ingenious enough to make a euro from a service for an existing market. Maybe Ibila should open a US branch.

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