Sunday, September 02, 2007

Buvards publicitaires

I've always loved antique labels and advertising. At French brocantes I discovered these buvards.

Not merely labels, these buvards publicitaires were orginally intended to be used as ink blotters as well, and many were collected by school children. That was in the pre-Bic days when all ├ęcoliers used a fountain pen and ink in school. (Buvard literally means paper that drinks ink.)

And at a euro or two apiece from a brocante, they could make an inexpensive design statement when framed; perhaps on my kitchen wall?

I bought a half-dozen of these last November and haven't framed them yet. I like the texture of the thick paper. OK, I'm lying. I haven't gotten around to framing them yet.

Inspiration comes from reading Tongue in Cheek's stories of antiques-hunting in France.

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