Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transatlantic Travel News

Exciting news in long-distance air travel. Boeing has rolled out its new, "green" 787 Dreamliner. Hallelujah! Now, barf bags, noise-cancelling headphones, and the ever-so-charming recirculation of airborne germs will eventually be history.


The new jet, introduced out on the coy date July 8 (7-8-7) amid much fanfare, promises more head room, better humidity and larger windows, too. And even the toilets will flush quietly. But it will be quite a while before all flights have these 21st-century features, since airlines will be adding 787s to their existing fleets only as they need to replace worn-out behemoths.

And even then, we will still have to deal with some of the more pressing dilemmas in air travel:

1) how to get the best airfares

2) what to pack

3) how to avoid jet-lag

In that order, here are a few sites that have recently crossed my radar screen which are worth checking out.

1) Airfares and general travel suggestions: Jetsetters and Globetrotters: A Travel Blog

2) What to pack for traveling light: OneBag

3) Jet lag and in-flight comfort. Last month Parisian blogger David Lebovitz wrote a great post about Five Favorite Carry-On Items, with helpful suggestions in the reader comments, too.

I, The Old-Fashioned One, seem to be in the minority in being less than thrilled about the other recent air travel news: the new regulations (just in Europe, for now) permitting cell-phone use on board flights. I mean, who cares if the plane itself is whisper-quiet, if all the passengers are yakking up a storm?

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