Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The French Journal

One of my favorite US-based France blogs that I read without fail is the fabulous The French Journal. Not only does blogger Chris Late hail from Beantown, like me (all bloggatics is local?), but he's always on top of the freshest news imaginable about France and the US. And presents it in user-friendly format.

When I was in the States last month, Chris and I had a very merry time over a couple of cuppas at a cafe in Boston's Back Bay. Two hours have never flown by so fast. There we sat, alternating being preacher and choir, swapping dontcha-just-love-France stories faster than kids in a revolving door. "Did you know this francophile anecdote?" "Have you ever been to this place?" "Can you believe that so-and-so did such-and-such?" Nodding and laughing so much that it felt as though we'd know each other for years.

I could have danced all night. Way too short a visit.

The French Journal just posted a great story on another July 4 event in France, which I would be remiss not to include in this year's round-up. A group called "France Will Never Forget" spelled out "Thank You America" in a human chain on Omaha Beach, to thank American GIs from both World Wars for their efforts in saving France. I was pleased to hear about it, not only for the French-American friendship that seems to be getting mended at every turn, but also because I've always loved the idea of saying thank you in a human chain. I'm glad theirs was such a success. Wish I'd been there!

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