Friday, July 27, 2007


There is Mikado, the French version of the classic game of pick-up sticks.

There is The Mikado, one of the best-loved Gilbert & Sullivan operas. (And the 1999 movie, Topsy-Turvy, if you haven't ever seen it.)

And then there are Mikado.

The yummiest skinniest chocolate-dipped cookie sticks, which I have grown rawther fond of. If you are new to Mikado, think of a chocolate covered pretzel, untie it, take away the salt and straighten the twist. And make the chocolate darn good for something you find in the grocery store aisles. Then imagine it about three times better than that. Good, you've got a Mikado.

After dinner, who needs a filling dessert when you can have -- oh let's say -- three or four Mikados? At 11 calories apiece, it's all you need and they really hit the spot. Maybe this is how French women "don't get fat.."

Sweet tooth crying out in the mid-afternoon? Yup. A café and a Mikado or two. Perfect. In my inimitable way I assumed that I had made a brilliant "secret'" discovery of these, but it turns out there's already a highly populated Mikado fan club.

The Lu Company should pay me for all the promoting I do for them. I sing high praises of Mikado from the mountaintops of Paris. Oh, but Mikado already has a witty ad campaign.

Hey, but it's no fair for people who don't live in France who can't buy them, right? Mais pas du tout!

In a Mikado-induced frenzy, I stumbled upon an American French-food-lover's dream come true. French Feast is a NewYork-based shipper/purveyor of all-time favorites in French foods, from foie gras to Hollywood chewing gum. Madeleines, morels, moutarde, miel, marrons glacés -- well, you name it, they've got it. Remember all those foodstuffs you've stuffed into your suitcase before departing for your flight from Charles de Gaulle back to the U.S.? No need to anymore. French Feast ships anywhere in the U.S. for a flat $8 rate.

Except you'll have to wait a bit for your Mikados. They don't ship chocolate in the summer.

French Feast
fax: (212) 202-7512
phone: (212) 860-7716
"escargot mail": 214 East 89th Street, Suite 5E, New York, NY 10128

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