Saturday, June 29, 2013

A lorgnette from Paris

My most chic acquisition during my Paris visit was a lorgnette.
Wandering the stalls of the Marche aux Puces at Vanves, I was enthralled at all the offerings but tiring of needing to take my reading glasses out of my purse every time I wanted to inspect an item. (I still refuse to put them on a chain around my neck.  I just can't.)

And then lo and behold, just what I didn't know I was looking for:  this vintage lorgnette! 10 euros is my kind of price.

I hadn't really ever seen anyone use a lorgnette in real life.  Perhaps in the comedy archives of my youth:  Marx Brothers' movies, or Saturday morning cartoons?

Surely I could create a new fashion statement for Boomers like me who have had it with peering through the glasses perched on the mid-bridge of the nose.

Besides, the totally cool part:  this lorgnette is compact.  It folds. I spent the rest of the morning inspecting objets through my new specs.

I suppose putting this on a pretty chain or lanyard wouldn't kill me.
Related post:  Men Seldom Make Passes.  I guess I do have a thing for folding eyeglasses.

1 comment:

April Braswell said...

Salut Polly,

The lorgnette looks très charmant. Before my forties, I had sort of extra sensory vision. I was able to see more details in the same amount of distant than others could.

Then that day in midlife occurred where God's sense of humor brings me a come uppence.

I started to become far sighted and eventually succumbed to... reading glasses.

However, like you, so far, maybe sometime after my fifties, well into my LATE sixties or even seventies, I REFUSE to wear any kind of an around the neck chain (noose?) to hold my glasses readily available on me for ease of use.

Vanity thy name is April. Yup. That's me. The lorgnette looks like more charming, leave it to Les Parisians to give us a suave and charming way to do so with a sartorial accessory.

à bientôt


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