Monday, May 06, 2013

Mystery Photo du Jour: French technology

Okay, well, this isn't a mystery photo for anyone who lives or has lived in France; and you know who you are.

So, no fair guessing in the comments section!

But I came across these two devices yesterday in my embarrassingly outdated, overflowing-with-ancient-bits "technology cords and accessories" bag, and they automatically struck fear in my expat heart.  I still can never figure out how they were supposed to work in France.

 Two or three coupled together at times. Maybe let's add more!?  Never, it seems with the desired results.

And I sure don't need them in the U.S.  Anyone want them?


wonky73 said...

Well.. there is phone jack at one end.... and some weird usb like connection on the other... so either these are some sort of phone jack or for some sort of dsl network connection. I had something similar when I had att dsl in the US

dan said...

Minitel connectors?

Unknown said...

Looks like something to do with the dreaded France telecom to me.

Phil said...

This is a standard French phone T-jack filter that will take the regular phone signal and give you one T outlet for a phone and an RJ45 outlet for your ADSL internet signal so you can have both in the same wall outlet. Some new apartments will be wired for ethernet outputs but any other (most) Paris apartments will still have the stabdard jack forcing you to use this filter. They're relatively easy to find but I wouldnt get rid of them if you're living in France.

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