Friday, May 31, 2013

Do You Love Paris Street Signs?

Tell me.

Do you really love Paris street signs and French metal signs in general?

If you are like me and adore all of them -- not just the classic plaques émaillées with the street names, but also the house numbers, the Pietons signs, the Sens Interdit signs, well.  Have I got a treat for you.

On rue des Tournelles today I came across the Gallery Art Jingle and an exhibit of a fabulous artist, Fernando Costa, now know just as Costa.  If you haven't heard of him already (he is quite famous, at least in France), his medium is reclaimed metal, mostly signage.

All inspirational and on top of that, just perfect for any francophile.

To top it off, it turns out that he is also designing this year's Art Car for the 90th anniversary of the renowned Le Mans race, and the car will be unveiled tonight!

If all this creative art is too hi-falutin' for you, and if  you just want some street-sign memorabilia to take back home... well, let me see.  You can always, ummm, buy this men's shirt, seen shortly thereafter on rue de Turenne.


Unknown said...

Dear Polly, I will be in Paris in two weeks and want to buy a street sign or a replica. Any idea where I could find them?
Steve Hagata

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Dear Steve,
I'm not sure where they can be bought, although I did find an on-line source in French,

The only sign I have -- a genuine "Pietons" sign -- was recuperee from a defunct construction site by some lovely friends!
There are tourist places that sell replicas, and I'll investigate.

Anne said...

BHV...where else?!

Autolycus said...

As soon as I saw the post title, I was thinking that's why I usually spend some time in the basement at BHV: lots of domestic signs, if not necessarily street signs. On the other hand, I'm sure I've seen replica street signs (no doubt made in China) in the usual souvenir shops and kiosks.

Unknown said...

Only just found your blog but I absolutely love it! Wonderful pictures of these street signs <3 I'll make sure to visit again, from another passionate francophile

bigblueballoon said...

Just seen the blog. Love it. If it helps I came across a website the other day that sells lots of old original French things and bought a French road sign from them. The website is and if you give them a call they will let you know what signs they have available that are currently not yet on their website.

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