Sunday, May 31, 2009

One of these Things Is Not Like the Other

Go ahead and laugh. Laugh yourselves silly. Hahaha. What do I care?

We all did. How I remember tears streaming down our young cheeks, holding our sides because howling with glee for so long made our bellies hurt. Just hearing the tale of our grandmother inadvertently brushing her teeth with a dab of pale blue Head & Shoulders because it was in a toothpaste-shaped tube. Our unbridled hilarity about materfamilias misfortune. (Because she wasn’t the Fun Grandmother, she was the Other Grandmother.) Imagine, she washed her own mouth out with soap! We kids were thrilled.

So, like I said, go ahead and laugh at me.

Is it my fault if French cosmetics come in deceptively-shaped packages? Is it my fault that I don’t always wear my reading glasses in the bathroom because I’m trying to remove mascara?

Have you guessed which one is not like the other?

It’s the bottle of skin lotion in the middle. The other two are nail-polish remover.


Starman said...

One assumes the mistake was made because you were in a hurry and didn't have your glasses. I only ever met one of my grandmothers. I did meet my other grandfather, once, but have no idea what may have become of his wife. I don't remember anyone ever even mentioning her. She must have existed because he had a lot of children They were a large mid-western (Iowa/Illinois) farming family.

Joan said...

Ouille! That must have stung...

parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Oh my gosh. I actually couldnt guess. I thought the two on the left were moisturisers so I would probably do the same. You didnt get that in your eyes did you? Haha! oh dear!

Chris said...

Ouch!! Interestingly enough, some skin care products can be used to take off nail polish if you are ever in a fix.

Clinque's Toner #4 I think it is, will remove nail polish!! I've used it before this way. Ha ha.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Um, Sarah wins for the comment which is not like the others.

And fortunately the cotton ball went past my nose on the way to my eyes, and I stopped short of ophthamological disaster.

I love having my French cosmetics around -- little reminders of Paris! -- but that dissolvant doux is getting mixed in with the familiar American shaped nail polish remover. Isn't it amazing how we identify with packaging?

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