Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Six Days in Paris

Before I moved to Paris, I used to visit as often as time and budget would allow. When it came time to leave, I always found myself sobbing in my seat as the plane taxied for take-off on the runway at Charles de Gaulle.

I know that's not exactly a sound reason for moving to Paris. On the other hand, life is short; so I guess it wasn't such a bad reason, either. I would have stayed forever. But life is life.

Now. Ta-dah! After three months of serious Paris jonesing, I am finally going back, for une petite semaine. Six days in Paris. T minus ten days and counting.

There's so much to do and so little time. Research, interviews, plus tedious banking and administrative details to settle. I can't possibly see all the friends I want to see, nor make the rounds of all the favorite haunts. If I stop by my old neighborhood (which I must) that will take at least half a day of catching up.

Oh joy, oh rapture! I can't wait.

I tried to be so very blasé and sophisticated about this return trip. But I will admit it: once my flight was booked I did jump up and down in the front hallway, cooing with glee, for three minutes. No one was looking.

Okay, maybe four minutes.



Isabelle said...

This is great news, Polly :)

And it will be good to know that you are back, even for such a short time!

paris said...

Nice to meet you!
I am from china and you?

kylie said...

ohhhh! fun fun fun! i hope the weather will be cooperative for you... :)

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I'm realllly looking forward to returning.

And oh the weather thing. My friends in Paris have been telling me how GORGEOUS and springlike the weather has been lately. "Sublime!" they say. So I predict it can't last. But I have to keep reminiding myself that I actually like the subtle greys of Paris. Just in case.

GoingLikeSixty.com said...

Hey! This is outstanding! Looking forward to all the details! I'm really happy for you and so totally jealous (yes what I spent on the Big A$$ Tee Vee could have bought us a trip, but...)

maria said...

tres bien fait! when i read this, i jumped up and down as well. no shame ;-)

Starman said...

Great! I'm very happy for you and I know the weather will be just the way you like.

Romaric said...

You're in love

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and completely envious! I haven't been back since August and I dream of it every day! I don't think I can convince the family to let me go alone for a weekend.(We are five total now and thats a bit pricey) I can't wait to hear of your trip. I'll live through you.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Sixty, Thanks! The good news is that the trip is costing me $74 (airport taxes); the rest is frequent flier miles. And I still have enough ff miles for one more trip after this. Plus I'm staying with friends. So it's cheap cheap cheap. (The best kind of trip.) But I hope you like your big-A teeVee!

Romaric, You're right. I am in love with Paris. And will be forever.

And I'll fill everyone in on all the details. Have laptop, will travel.

Michelle said...

I first read your blog after my first trip to Paris. I cried on the way home that time and it was only 11 1/2 days. I slumped into a depression, and haven't been the same since. Every day I try to work out a way to make the next, much longer trip happen. Though, I have worked out a way to function now!

I was very excited back then to find your blog, one of the first I discovered belonging to a writerly person living the dream. I was sad to read you had to go back to the US.

I hope you have a wonderful trip, and don't cry too much when you leave.

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