Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Morning News Mini-Roundup

1. Who knew there was a Little Paris -- 20,000 strong-- in Brooklyn? "When they order French cheese, they pronounce it the right way... They do eat a lot of cheese." Read the story here.

2. What Frenchman holds the record for writing the longest sentence?

Wrong: it's not Proust!

It's Mathias Enard, in his novel, Zone. 150,000 words. One sentence. A lotta lotta commas.

3. Dinard, in Brittany, is a favorite spot of mine. And yes, I always do breathe better when I'm there. But whodathunk its salty waters were bottled into Afrin Nasal Spray? Well, it's actually a rinse.

4. France 24 TV news broadcasts are now available on your iPhone, live, in English, French, or Arabic. The app is a free download.
Now all I need is an iPhone.

5. If you haven't read it yet, HuffPo's article on "What We Can Learn From French Women." I have now realized that there will never, ever be enough written about the allure and the habits of French women. The world has an insatiable appetite for their secrets to success. Keep reading!
*** Update: I had to add one more news item by Charles Bremner. Apparently the funny/whiney French web site Vie de Merde is now available in Amurikan. A vos plumes!


Starman said...

I loved the part of the article in which someone wrote that it had cost them 25 cents to get fired.

martinha_andersen said...

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Starman, I love Vie de Merde. Such wonderful little ironies. Of course, hard to tell whether they are fake or not fake. Funny nevertheless. But mostly I like being able to say "Arrgh, VDM!" when one of those moments arrives -- we all experience them.

rachete said...

I like your blog!

YSLGuy said...

Interesting article about Brooklyn. Who knew? I have friends trying to convince me to move to Manhattan. Maybe I should consider Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn. Thanks for posting that.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks, Rachete!

YSLGuy: I'm tempted by Caroll Gardens myself. Worth a visit in any case.

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