Saturday, October 11, 2008

Treasures of French Royal Family at Auction

Sorry. I couldn't resist posting this tidbit.

For those unaffected by (or in denial of) the current economic situation, there is important -- and perhaps ironic -- shopping and acquisition news in Paris, according to The Guardian.

"The last remaining treasures of the French royal family – including a silk purse embroidered by Queen Marie Antoinette in her prison cell – will be auctioned in Paris next week." Read more.

Practical details: on Tuesday, October 14, some of the estate of the late Count and Countess of Paris will be auctioned off at Christie's Paris. The auction catalog is here.

Viewing times are Sunday, October 12, 2 - 6 pm and Monday, October 13, 10 am - 8 pm, at the showroom on avenue Montaigne. Items will be on sale Tuesday October 14 at 11 am and 2 pm.

9 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Metro is Alma-Marceau; but I imagine that if you're buying at this auction, you're not taking the metro.

1 comment:

Evelyn said...

This is a bit sad, huh?

A question about your post on Nobel prize winner, Le Clezio...I confess, I've never heard of him, but I'd like to read something he's written. I don't read French, tho. Are the translations worth the read?? And, oh he ever lucky girl to have met him in person!

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