Friday, October 31, 2008

The French Connections

So many French-American connections. So little time. Today's short-list:

1. America [hearts] France.
If you don't already know about it, there exists a museum of Franco-American Cooperation, at the Chateau de Blérancourt, about 90 minutes from Paris. Watch this 10-minute video, mellifluously narrated by Philippe de Montebello, and you'll be itching to visit.

Although the museum is currently closed for renovations, the exquisite grounds and gardens can be toured. Additionally, from November 8 through November 11, there will be special activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice.

2. Did you know that the great-great-great-grandFather of our Country was French?
Nicolas Martiau, ancestor of many prominent American statesmen, most notably George Washington, was born on Ile de Ré in 1591. A statue of Washington was erected in honor of this French-American connection on Ile de Ré (my sometimes home away from Paris) in October 2007.

3. In my mind I'm going to Carolina (or nearby).
Good travel news: starting in April 2009, USAir will offer a direct flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Paris.

4. Eurodisney Redux.
On a more frivolous note, juicy TV teen drama Gossip Girl mentions the President de la République.


Starman said...

There is a large statue of GW (on his horse) at Place d'Iéna just in front of the Musée Guimet in the XVIe.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks, Starman! I've seen that one, too. I wonder if there's a list anywhere of other GW statues in France? I think there's one at Blerancourt, too.

Cathy Cara said...

... i LOVE your blog.... :).

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All the best!
Cathy. :).

Starman said...

Finally, you can return to the NEW United States of America!

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