Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Prononcez "djikiou"

My nine-hour plane ride is a fait accompli, and gave me ample time to read GQ France.

I noted with delight the history of Gentlemen's Quarterly on page 42, entitled "Prononcez 'djikiou.'"

But why do they care how GQ is pronounced? I wondered. Normally in France American names take on their own version.

Oh. The letters G Q in French, would be pronounced "j'ai cul". Perhaps not the image the publication is going for. On the other hand...

And just so you know, for any skeptics who are silly enough not to believe me, GQ France concurs with my men's style trend observation, declaring 2008 "L'Annee de la Moustache."


Anonymous said...

Oh don't bring up moustaches, whatever you do. My husband, overexcited by the Darjeeling Limited (we're GOING to Darjeeling NEXT WEEK!!!!) has decided that growing a moustache is pretty much the hippest thing he could do with himself right now and it is taking all of my powers of persuasion to prevent him from doing it...

smilnsigh said...

Welcome back to this side of the pond, for a bit.

And GQ France agrees ~ on the mustaches. Sorry that the first comment, was not in favor of them. ,-) But I am.


Sarah S said...

your blog is amazing. complete adoration for you.

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