Thursday, March 27, 2008

The French

I've always been wary of sweeping generalizations -- unless I'm the one holding the broom, of course. When I hear (or read) the phrase "The French are ____" or "Les Americains sont _______" it raises not only hackles but red flags.

That said, I enjoy observing what others have to say, collecting anecdotes, sifting through it all.

I'm out and about town today, so I leave you with this article about "the French" from the Huffington Post, which includes departing New York Times Paris bureau chief Elaine Sciolino's much-debated and vigorously emailed "A Guide to the French: Handle with Care."

The comments to this HuffPost article are fascinating -- plenty of information, misinformation and a nice dollop here or there of insight.

Okay -- off to sweep though the city. I'll leave my broomstick at home.

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