Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stretch Limos in Paris?

Last night having a quick after-theatre bite to eat on boulevard de la Madeleine, I did a double take. Sure enough, slinking down the street at about 11:30 pm. there it was. A white stretch limo. License plate: LIMO 7.

You can hang me by my thumbnails and torture me for days, but I will not renounce my opinion that stretch limos are tacky. There. I said it. White stretch limos are even worse. Somehow they are becoming so accepted, practically de rigueur in the US, as seen by this photo: of one of several stretch limos hired by kids for my son's Senior Prom last month in Massachusetts. So, yes, now I am resigned to the fact that limos are now mainstream in American culture. I said American culture.

But stretch limos, in France? Oh, please. This is a place where aesthetics and substance are supposed to reign. Chic and glamour, not showy glitz. My friend said "C'est rare de voir cela." (It's rare to see that.) Gee, I sure hope so.


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