Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paris Blogue-t-il?

Just back from the Paris Blogue-t-il? www.parisbloguetil.com francophone bloggers' gathering at l'Entrepot in the 14e arrondissement. Lots of fun and some friends from our dear Paris Blog www.theparisblog.com.

More on this soon -- but meanwhile: every one can look forward to the time in the not-near-enough future (keep your fingers crossed for next week) when little boomer-blogger moi gets big-time geek lessons and learns the joys of hyperlinks, RSS, html, enabling comments and more. And a new format!
Thanks for your patience.
Meanwhile, ravie de faire votre connaissance, tous les blogue-t-il folks. A bientot.

Yes, I did my taxes.

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