Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Helpful Hint

It's tax day, so Uncle Sam beckons.

(Moi, procrastinate?? How do you spell T-U-R-B-O-T-A-X? And thank God midnight is 6 hours later in the US.)

Ergo, just time for a teensy helpful household hint, for what it's worth. Then I'll go back to my moutons.

Le voici:

I love the large format posters (100 cm X 150 cm or larger) available at many exhibits in Paris museums and elsewhere in France. Unfortunately they are a pain in terms of storing, shipping in the mail or taking back to the US on a plane. The standard cardboard tubes aren't long enough, which is frustrating. And a wrinkled poster -- well, just don't even think about it.

We came up with a good solution when Bee was here visiting in March.

Go to the basement of BHV and buy a 150 centimeter tube circulaire made out of PVC. At 11 euros it was cheaper than the fancier tubes up in the papeterie section. Then you can block off the ends as you like. Paper and duct tape, whatever.

I imagine this is a bit heavy for mailing (didn't check out that price), but easy to check as a second piece of luggage. Great for storing. Label well so it doesn't inadvertently get used for plumbing repairs.

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