Monday, February 29, 2016

O Panic! O Thrill! I'm Moving to Paris (History 2006 version)

Is it possible to imagine the sheer excitement and thrill and bone-chilling what-the-hell-am-I doing  anxiety when you are about to embark on a move to Paris?

Well, that was me, one decade ago today.

Breathe, Polly, breathe, I told myself.

House was turned upside down.

I was busy moving my stuff into storage. Becoming best buddies with the consignment store.

Organizing my grown kids' stuff into their own separate storage units.

Figuring out bank accounts, mail, goldfish, phones. Not sure I was doing any of it right.

Breathe, Polly, breathe, I told myself.

Every day was panic and exhilaration.

I had friends and helpers, joyful and forceful, who boosted me when I needed it.

I knew it was right, but I was anxious.  Helpers insisted on Rescue Remedy. Friends and I insisted on wine.

Breathe, Polly, breathe, I told myself.

Then the email of emails arrived from my Paris landlady, whom I hadn't yet met:

"The apartment is waiting for you!  Do you prefer tea or coffee for breakfast?  We'll stock it for your arrival.  The bed is made up with fresh sheets, and all you have to do is arrive safely and collapse into bed. We are having friends for dinner the next day to welcome you to Paris."

Polly wept briefly and breathed a deep breath of relief. This would work. This would WORK!

And so I embarked on my Paris adventure, March 2006.


Harriet said...

I have been wondering what was up with your blog. Glad to find a new post. Memories are wonderful, n'est-ce pas?

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks, Harriet! A friend referred to me recently as a "former blogger." Oooh-oooph!! Them's fightin' words. I realized that I hadn't posted in a while because I hadn't been to Paris in a while, and was feeling not Paris-y enough, and have been focusing most of my posting on my FB page. Taking a new slant on things, and anyway will be going to Paris next month. Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned!

materfamilias said...

When one of my daughters moved to Rome last year (with her partner, who got a job there, and their little girl), I realised how much part of me has always wanted an ex-pat life, at least for six months, preferably at least a year. Also realised how tough this would be to manage, given the family I seem to have put together over my life, but trying to find ways to do extended stays in Europe over the next few years. Meanwhile, vicariously enjoying living the ex-pat life through books and blogs such as your own. Thanks!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thank you, Materfamilias! It is a challenge, balancing children and the dreamed-for expat life. I think the 6-months (minus one day!) plan is a great solution. I would love to do that again some time. Expat life isn't all peaches and cream, but it is exhilarating overall.

Shelli said...

Hi Polly, glad to know you're still out there. Was that apartment the little one under the roof on Place de la Madeleine/ It's been a year and a half since we left Paris but we have a week planned this summer. Enjoy your visit! Shelli

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Hi Shelli, Yes, that first apartment was on the 7th floor at place de la Madeleine. An amazing location, great apartment and fabulous view of la Madeleine and Sacre Coeur. I can't wait to go back next month!

Anna said...

I followed you from the start! Always wished you'd stayed in Paris and continued blogging from there. I loved your posts. The best was the one describing the unwanted male guest - OMG, I nearly died laughing. Happy memories!

Unknown said...

Oh the visitor from black lagoon! Memorable! Well I hope to return to France to live in a few years, so stay tuned!

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