Monday, November 26, 2012

An Award for Books about France!

If you've read this blog with much frequency (and of course you have!) you'll know of my unending love of books written about France -- or the discovery of some aspect of France -- by Americans.

Over the last two centuries, many great (and some not so great) works have been written for the anglophone world to explain or showcase France in a way that helps them appreciate or understand France a wee bit or a lot more than they did before.  I have kept a personal library of them, made a habit of collecting and reading them.  To see the vast numbers of books that I have written about in my casual way, check here, or simply click on the category "literature" in the column to the right.

This year I was dreaming and scheming about the fact that this literary genre -- whether fiction, non-fiction, or coffee-table book -- should be awarded a prize in the great tradition of literary prizes.  I came up with a well-laid-out plan. Alas, I did nothing with it but mention it briefly to a CEO of a New York-based French non-profit.  Busy with the day job.  I figured, I'll get around to it.  But great minds, apparently, think alike.

So imagine my delight last month when, at a NYC gathering for my beloved American Library in Paris, I heard the announcement from Director Charles Trueheart that ALP is now sponsoring the American Library in Paris Book Award.  The award will be given each year to  "...the best book of the year in English about France or the French-American encounter."

It is, quite simply, thrilling to have the genre recognized and awarded and by such an august organization and writers' council.

A vos plumes, everyone.  A vos plumes!


samovar said...

so nice to read the phrase "my beloved American Library in Paris"! thanks for spreading the word, your faithful support!
Will you apply yourself?

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Andrea, I am always in the process of writing my book about France. some days I'm closer to the manuscript. Other days, I'm light-years away, alas. And "my beloved American Library in Paris" will never be anything but beloved!!

Mimi said...

Great idea, and I look forward to reading as many more books as are written, including yours, Polly.

I love ALP, too, and cherish the memory of reading our e-mails there every day, before hotels and rentals got wired.

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