Saturday, April 30, 2011

Murder in Paris: How About You?

Have you always longed for a sliver of immortality? Do you especially dream of that immortality intersecting with Paris? Well, here is your chance.

Acclaimed author Cara Black, of the Murder in Paris series, has generously offered to name a minor character in her next novel -- for a good cause! The French American International School in San Francisco will offer to the winning bidder at the school's annual fund-raising auction on May 7 the chance to be a minor character in Cara's next Paris-based novel. The kind of immortality that normally one just can't buy. Interested parties who can't attend the event can bid by proxy.

The juicy details: the character might be murdered or maimed, or might be the snitch or the all-seeing neighborhood boulanger or concierge. The only disclaimer is that the name needs to be French or willing to get Gallicized. "John" would become "Jean," for example. "Polly" would be.. hmm. Pauline? Poulette? I'm working on it.

The fame, fun, and glory?



Anonymous said...

Funny idea! Best incentive for an auction I've seen in a while.

KathyMac said...

Ohhh. How very fun!

Amy said...

These books look like great reads! I'll definitely have to check them out for my next book-buying spree.

Great idea for the character naming auction. I'd want mine to be named Aimée. She'd be a harpist who trips the murderer with her foot while she plays the harp at dinner in an exclusive restaurant!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading this author's books. I started with her most recent so I'm now going back to the beginning. She is an excellent mystery writer and captures Paris and Parisian life very well. These are fun books for a stormy night.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading 'BONJOUR HAPPINESS' where your blog was mentioned as an inspiration, so I made my way over here to visit! I am now following your play on words in your blog title!

Stop by and visit with me if you like, or should I say, "s'il te plait'.



Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks so much, Carmelina! Will do!

Arash said...

nice !

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