Thursday, December 02, 2010

Et avec cela?

In conjunction with World AIDS awareness day this week, some 200 cafés across Paris are participating in the "Paris Capote" initiative, offering a condom with every coffee ordered from December 1 - 5.

The program, sponsored by the Mairie de Paris, has a simple driving principle:  for every café purchased, a condom (préservatif) is offered on the side.  The goal is to increase awareness of the health benefits of safe sex and to make condoms a more familiar and normal presence:  less [my words] ooh-la-la, and more a matter-of-fact part of everyday life.


"Au début les clients sont surpris et ça les fait plutôt rire, mais au final je pense que cela les fait réfléchir."

["At first customers were surprised, and most were laughing about it, but ultimately I think it made them stop and think about it."]

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Sarah said...

Especially the old spinster biddies!

Jay Livingston said...

Waiter, I asked for preserves with my croissant.

Mlle. Bleu said...

Only the French would provide a complimentary condom with your cafe.

Linds said...

Could you imagine this happening in the States? Never! But this is why I love the French. Thanks for an entertaining post. I'll have to order a cafe this weekend!

I've gone back and read much of your blog. I love how you mix relevant information with personal insights!

Joe said...

First off, in the United States, we wouldn't need to. The rate of decline of the disease here is only exceeded by what the US is managing to do in Africa.

This is what kills me about Europeans and their vain little projects. How much more "aware" do people need to be? Especially given that Europeans will do nearly nothing substantive for humanity, but anything to raise their profile.

The fact is that even the developing world gets the joke at this point.

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