Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coca Light

Here: a can of Diet Coke snatched from the fridge at the local convenience store or kebab take-out spot. 

Paris: a Coca Light savored at at the Nemrod on rue du Cherche Midi.  Not just oceans apart, worlds apart. Light years.  Universes.

 A cube or two of ice, a wedge of lemon, a long spoon.  Not to mention a completely different recipe for the beverage itself.  Not to mention the setting, people watching, and scanning le Pariscope for movies.

Oh yeah, not to mention price.

Worth it.  Every sip.


Anonymous said...

I bet! I paid 4.40€ for a coca lite near Montmartre.

Carrie said...

THANK YOU, Polly for reminding me about Nemrod. I totally forgot, but I love the N-Rod!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Polly-Vous Francais said...

The Nemrod: there is no other!

The waiter sidles to the table with the Coca Light, places the glass and spoon on the table. With a quick pffffissst flourish, opens the bottle, maybe pours a bit into the glass, depnding. Time to savor, everything.

So different from the end-product feeling of a chilled can of Diet Coke from Walgreen's on the run.

Anonymous said...

The setting (the chairs in the background) looks so Parisian! I'm a Coke Zero drinker myself but it was hard to find in France.

Margaret said...

That's left me thinking about a translation issue - do you translate "Coca Light" as "Diet Coke" when they're actually not the same thing, given that the recipe is different? A puzzle...

Um...and what is the spoon for?

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Zhu, Coca Zero is indeed available in France, but in supermarkets and not so much in cafes, I think.

Margaret, this brings up and interesting point. I always assumed that the spoon was for stirring the Coca (Light or otherwise) for folks who don't like so much fizz in their drink. At least that's what I started doing.

Coca Light IS what you aks for if you want a Diet Coke. But in cafes it comes in glass bottles, served in a glass, and the taste is infinitely better than a Diet Coke. Some day I'd love to see side-by-side comparison of the Diet Coke (US) and Coca Light (FR)recipes.

I have a few French friends who don't drink carbonated beverages at all -- never have, in all their decades. They all happen to be super-skinny women. Hmmm. I should ask.

RSA Course said...

Having coke in style :) The French do everything better don't they?

Diane said...

Thanks for reminding me of special memories sitting outside a bistro, ordering a Coca Lite, thinking "wow, I just paid 5 euros for a Diet Coke", people watching, enjoying a Parisian view, priceless!

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