Friday, July 16, 2010

24 Hours in Paris

So many times when my circadian cycle was off-kilter with the "regular" hourly schedule of my fellow Parisians, I longed for an hour-by-hour guide that might tell me where I could be amused or consume lovely French fare while the rest of Paris slept or ate breakfast or was busy with their charming cinq-a-septs.  To no avail.  "Ah, there's a book waiting to be written," I thought.

Well, wait no more:  24 hours in Paris is here!

I could wax poetic about Marsha Moore's quirky and lovable new round-the-clock guide to La ville lumiere.  But instead, I'll simply offer you 24 reasons why I love 24 Hours in Paris:

24. A turkish bath where you can order dinner
23. La Chapelle Expiatoire
22. Unmentionable!
21. She loves Deyrolle as much as I do.
20. Metro line 14
19. Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse
18. O Chateau -- we love Olivier!
17. The Dog Cemetery
16. Merci
15. Fabulous factoids. "It would take 24 days, using every hour in the day, to briefly view all the exhibits in the Louvre."
14. Drouot
13. Drouot again.
11. A bar that is open from 9h to 7h.  That is not a typo.
10. Midnight movies followed by breakfast.
9. Going to see "Auntie."
8. Berthillon (I drool!)
7. "24 hours with the kids."
5. Polly Maggoo.  Because there's more than one Polly in Paris.
4. Eternal favorite Shakespeare & Company
2. Stripper School.  Non, pas wallpaper: oui, va-va-va-voom!

And -- drumroll please:  numero un is

1.  Cafe de la Mairie (a fave):  Marsha spells it correctly.  Not Cafe de la "Marie," people!

Great book, a must-have for anyone who loves and frequents Paris.


Eric Tenin said...

This book is an EXCELLENT idea!

Marsha Moore said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Polly! :) I am so glad you enjoyed the book!

Ellen Brickley said...

Hi Polly, I popped over to read the review of Marsha's book and I really like your blog! Will be hanging around to read more - and I *love* your layout.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I love this book! It's not only fun, but practical, and deserves a place in everyone's back pocket or pocketbook along with the plan de Paris.

Ellen, thanks -- glad you like the layout. I've been hankering for a change, actually, because it's always good to have fresh graphics from time to time.

Stay tuned!

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