Saturday, March 27, 2010

Champagne Corks

I was wandering around the French American school where I am now employed, looking for inspiration.  And it never takes me more than a few footsteps before I find it.

There is always something that stops me in my tracks, and this was no exception.  The second or third grade art class had been given the assignment of making works of art from des bouchons de champagne.  Finding the raw materials at home was no object, I guess. 

 But -- waah. 

By the time I returned to my office, dealt with administrative stuff, retrieved my camera, and returned to take some photos, most of the art project had been dismantled. Dang!  Being a newbie, I had missed the exhibit, which had been on display for a few weeks.  I quickly snapped these photos of the remaining chefs d'oeuvre before the whole exhibit was taken down.

Anyway, it's great inspiration.  Time to celebrate springtime with some good bubbly and create a bit of art in the process.  N'est-ce pas?


Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

I'd like to have been one of the parents contributing to the class pool of corks, lol.

I love the creativity of kids!

Hope you are settling in well to your new situation, Polly.


Deja Pseu said...

Those are so fun and creative!

How are you liking SF?

Rob Dunlavey said...

A friend of mine in Paris makes whimsical people and animals out of corks.

Anonymous said...

Where else but in France would students be encouraged to work with champagne cork covers?

Andi said...

Polly - any way to contact you by email? I have loved your books for years and want to ask you a question!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Rob, THANK you for that link -- what a treasure!!

Andi - my email address is pollyvousfrancais [at]yahoo dot com.

But alas, I have no books published -- yet. Are you perhaps thinking of my dear friend and colleague, the late Polly Platt? I collaborated with her on her last book, Love a la Francaise, and edited a second edition of Savoir Flair.

Duncan Leung said...

Oh thats unfortunate that you missed the exhibit! The pieces of work that you were able to capture are pretty creative =)

Starman said...

The top and bottom artifacts are truly inspired. The middle one, not so much.

Touring in Brittany said...

Nice, nice nice... We can on drinking champagne !!!

Zhu said...

Cool idea! I bet no one minds "preparing the project" (i.e. drinking tons of champagne to save the corks!)

Anonymous said...

i think i may have to contribute to these young artist....a la tien!

the Armchair Parisian said...

How creative!

Hector Champagne said...

An nice idea of recycling !

Jilly said...

Now I know what to do with them!

Just discovered you - what a super blog.

Jilly x

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Polly - Bienvenue à SF. J'imagine que vous enseignez à l'école Française-Américaine?

Je suis étudiante de français à l'université de San José et j'adore votre blog! Vous m'aidez à imaginer une vie à Paris, la vie que j'espere vivre un jour.

J'adore les chaises qui sont faites avec des bouchons. Quelle imagination!

Aussi, merci pour le message au sujet de tissue - nous irons à Paris en aout et je crois que vous avez m'empecher de ferai un grand erreur...

Virginia said...

I regret that I was on the fast track again and we didn't get to see each other in Paris this trip. NEXT TIME!!! :)

My friend Mary and I went to an art faire at Bastille and she bought a cute necklace made from a champagne cork metal top folded with a bead inside. I'm making some. I"ll let you know how the work. I'll send you one. My plaisir to down the bubbles for the sake of art you know!

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