Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, I'm moving.  Again.  sigh

The last time I moved, in Paris, I was mostly focused on international shipping issues and the état des lieux

But we all really know that the most important part of moving any household is having enough boxes. 

Funny, I just got around to unpacking the last of my Paris boxes in September.  Something about those Parisian corrugated cartons made me so wistful.  (Yeah, I know, it doesn't take much!) 

To prepare for the move in Paris I had done the regular drill:  go to the neighborhood store and beg for discarded boxes.   My Shopi supermarket on rue de Sevres was a boon:  they kept a constant stack of cartons up front. No begging necessary!

And when the shipment finally arrived in the U.S., oh, about four months later, I felt pangs of nostalgia when I saw all those French grocery-store boxes.  The labels, the warnings, the descriptions on the boxes shouted "Paris!" to me. 

So of course I photographed them.

"Fears the heat and the humidity."  Sounds so poetic.


Meg said...

Funny, I was just having a conversation about box quality with my sister! We are both packing to move from Atlanta to Portsmouth, NH. If my house sells, that is.

My boxes are all of the boring American variety, though.

Bon chance with your move!!! Don't suppose it's back to Par-ee??

Carrie said...

so cute!!!! I understand that nostalgia, any old thing can set it off.

Harriet said...

In which direction are you moving? Further South, up North, or out to the wild, wild West? Or better yet, across the Atlantic???

Finally, I'm back on track for the trip to Paris that I had to cancel last June. My husband and I will be there in April, and I'll remain for a 2 week language course.

Vivianne Leclaire said...

I keep my bags from every trip to France, so I completely understand the nostalgia of boxes.

BJ Lantz said...

I love that the Très Fragile one looks like it has been kicked around le block...

Tish Jett said...

Happy, happy birthday. See your boxes makes me wonder if one day I'll move back.

I know I belong here now -- because of My-Reason -for-Living-in-France and that will never change, but it's curious how one arrives at a point where home and belonging becomes abstract and bizarre.

As I've told you before -- wonderful blog.

Best regards,

Starman said...

Things always have more meaning when they're from places we know and remember with fondness.


Hello there, Just stopping by to say hello and see how your move went?
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