Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Zero-six or zero-sept?

The end of an era is upon us.

Starting in 2010, French cell phones numbers will also begin with 07.

Unlike in the US, where cell phones can have any area code (and often the same area code as the owner's home region), in France, no matter what the region, all 10-digit cell phone numbers begin with 06. Evidently those 999,999,999 available mobile telephone numbers are about to be exhausted. That's a lot of cell phones, non?


Since all the 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05 numbers are taken by numeros fixes [land lines], and 08 prefixes are special (often toll-free) numbers, and 09 are telephony/VoIP/internet numbers, that means that the next step is -- egad-- 07.


Anna said...

That will be complicated, because London cell phones also begin with 07.

M said...

That's really interesting to see all those phone numbers already used up! The 07 prefix should hold for a while... I don't see all those being used up too quickly!

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C├ęcile Qd9 said...

It would have been easier to decide tat mobile phones numbers wouldn't start with an "0". But nobody asked for my piece of advice before deciding this...

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