Monday, August 25, 2008

Je m'appelle Bob

One of the many delights of writing this blog is having friends, family, and acquaintances who pass along funny bits that might tickle my fancy.

Such is the case for this commercial for "happy cows" from California. The French bull, swaggering up to the cows. A hoot. A moo.


I'll -- sadly!-- return from vacation full force tomorrow.

Merci monsieur chateau pour l'info.


Diane said...

I needed a laugh. J'adore ces vaches! Merci.

Alison said...

I have no idea what "Diane" said. "Salut, mon ami, machin machin embêter machin machin?"

(And I'm not talking about Diane who commented just above!)

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Yeah, Ali, I agree. But upon reviewing, I think that Bob is just a pseudo-French bull. Diane called his bluff on the French bull, peut-etre.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

LOL...thanks for sharing :)

pendrifter said...

Alison, my thoughts exactly! But I agree with Polly's interpretation.

This reminds me of two French women pulling the reverse stunt on the French Riviera. They pretended to be British women on holiday, and their English was good enough to the fool non-native (read: French) ears of the guys they were flirting with. They chickened out when one of the men said to his buddy, "Tu as une capote ?" ("Do you have a condom?")

Shelli and Gene said...

I'm pretty sure she's saying "Avez-vous habiter en Paris?"

This is a great series of commercials, isn't it? Imagine getting you to identify with a cow!

Cécile Qd9 said...

I understand the the french speaking cow means "slut mon ami, habitez-vous à Paris" but says "salut mn ami, avez-vous habitez en Paris".

Is there something funny I dont understand about pretending to be a "french bull" or is it just the fact to pretend to be french that is funny ?

Cécile Qd9 said...

I mean I know the reputation of latin lovers and french men abroad but what I don't know is i there is an idiomatic or something I don't knowx with "french bull"

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I think it's just the notion of a guy trying to pretend to be a French Romeo, and that it's a bull feeding a French line that's ..bull.

No specific idiom for French Bull that I know of.

Now that I think about it, it makes me think of the movie "Breaking Away," one of my all-time favorites. The kid pretended to be an Italian bike racer.

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