Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Double-Barrel Views

There are some spots in Paris where the views are remarkable. One place is literally a place -- la place de Breteuil. On the border of the 7e and 15 arrondissements, it offers a unique duo of vistas.

Look due north, up the splendid avenue de Breteuil, and you have a clear view of les Invalides.

Walk about 8 paces to the left and look northwest up avenue de Saxe, and you get this view of the Eiffel Tower, with the Ecole Militaire in the middle ground.

In the center of the roundabout at the place de Breteuil is a statue of famous French scientist Louis Pasteur. Besides figuring out how to make milk safe to drink (pasteurization, bien sur), he accomplished much to save humans and beasts from untimely deaths with his discoveries in the field of bacteria and germs. The world-renowned Institut Pasteur is nearby in the 15e.

His accomplishments are immortalized (or mortalized?) at the base of the statue. You might say that Pasteur's work made the Grim Reaper cower.

Hence, a week too late, one of the best Halloween shots of Paris.

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