Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meet the Parisians at Work

The Paris Tourism Bureau has a cool program called "Meet the Parisians at Work" that allows any Guy (or Gal) Average step in and observe -- ta-da! -- Parisians at work. A kind of homosapiens twist to ecotourism, if you know what I mean. Live! Real Parisians! Doing very Parisian jobs!

Kidding aside, it sounds like a fun way to see a bit of insider's Paris, for either the newly arrived or the jaded-seen-it-all crowd. If you’re intrigued to learn more about real Parisians whom you might not otherwise meet, and chat with them in situ about their professional life, then check out this program of visits.

Activities and professions run the gamut: from guide dog trainers to chocolatiers, bookbinders, dockmasters, Poilane bread bakery, and lots of behind-the-scenes visits, from mundane to luxurious. Most are available in English. In case a great activity catches your fancy but requires a group tour, grab a bunch or your friends and go!.

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