Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Which means "note de la redactrice". I owe a huge thanks to dear friend Ariane for setting up this blog for me, as I'm totally inept.

An explanation of "Polly Vous Francais:"

When I was very very little my older siblings gave me my very first French lesson, telling me to respond to the question "Parlez vous francais?" by answering "Oui, un peu."

I obliged, but I asked them what it meant; and, in all fairness, they explained "It means, 'Do you speak French?' ."

Great. But then little Wog was very upset to hear the same question being asked of her older sister. I thought they should be asking "Suzie-vous francais?"

Not eactly an early attempt at cartesian logic, but the genesis for a lifetime of learning French.

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